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Kitchens of the world (spice up your life!)

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so what better way to indulge in some holiday escapism – free of charge – than by taking a peek into some of our friends’ kitchens around the world?


Full of exotic, aroma-filled recipes, the Indian kitchen boasts a large array of spices. Yet small kitchens here are becoming more common these days as they require less space and maintenance. Systematic organisation is, therefore, vital.

India is also catching up with the western trend of open kitchens – and fast.


The epicentre of family life, the American kitchen is used to cook, chow down and chat. It’s no wonder, therefore, that for a room that is used for so much, people are willing to splash out. High-tech appliances, such as huge, sub-zero refrigerators, multiple dishwashers and wine coolers may seem extravagant to us, but to many American households are the norm.

“The use of technology in the kitchen is more advanced in the U.S.”, Eva Hoernisch, Group Creative Product Director at Formica Group tells us, ”so the integration of built-in screens and chargers is continuing to gain momentum. Under cabinet lighting (LED) is among the most popular kitchen cabinet features and low-tech offerings in the form of interactive surfaces, such as magnetic boards that can be written on, are also on-trend. Contrasting against the growth in technological integration, the concept of built-in green houses and ‘grow your own’ is also beginning to catch on.

“US kitchens have a tendency to be more traditional using a lot of timber like maple or cherry for cabinets, and with granite or quartz for the worktop”, she adds.


A world leader in kitchen design and innovation, Dutch kitchens are also the heart of the home – often positioned, quite literally, in the centre. One of the most densely populated countries in the world, space is a luxury many houses do not have, so the Dutch kitchen design accommodates this in its traditional galley layout, which is usually set up with two walls of parallel cabinets and worktops – allowing for maximum storage and workspace. To prevent the feeling of being ‘closed in’, it often leads to a dining and lounge area.

Almost every kitchen in Amsterdam contains historic details that adds character to the space.


Usually open-plan, centred around an island, the Australian kitchen is a causal space and the hub of family life. Because of its year-long sunshine, some even continue outside, with outdoor kitchens becoming increasingly popular. Ventilation is, understandably, important, so you won’t see a kitchen here without a cooker hood, ceiling fan and windows.

Despite boasting its own enviable climate, the materials used in Australian kitchens often mirror those used in Europe and North America. White tones, combined with earthy materials and textures, seem to be the norm here. Lighting is also very important, with the right combination of LEDs allowing the daytime room to be transformed into an evening entertaining space.

Australian kitchens are really jumping on the smart trend, and with innovative new gadgets – such as fridges that connect to the internet to help with shopping lists – popping up all the time, they certainly know how to ease the workload! More time to enjoy the Barbie, ey?


“Italy has always been known for its exquisite design and style”, Eva says. Renowned for its unparalleled elegance and beauty, the Italian kitchen makes use of natural materials, such as granite, marble and slate, to achieve a modern yet rustic appearance. Flowers and plants are also often used throughout the room to continue the theme of natural décor, as are golds, oranges and yellows to mimic a sunset and blues which represent the sea. A traditional Italian kitchen is usually open, which helps prevent the dark, vivid colours from overwhelming the room.

Italians give great importance to the art of both cooking and eating, which is why you will find their kitchens kitted out with the most luxurious of appliances. Anything that can be put away – such as cooking utensils – is, to enhance the clean and elegant look. But don’t let the focus on luxury deter you from the other very present feature of the Italian kitchen, which is in its warm, charming and inviting feel, reflecting its purpose as a family-orientated room. True timeless beauty.

We can infuse just about any country into your kitchen. Get in touch to see how we can help you!

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SE 2002 BAL/S2-L Gloss sterling grey lacquer

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“SieMatic am Ring”




Löhne, December 01, 2016 In a prime downtown location in the booming Rhine metropolis of Cologne at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring between the Gerling Quarter, City Park, and Mediapark, design-oriented kitchen enthusiasts can now stroll through the timelessly elegant style collections of SieMatic.

With its modern boutique character amidst historic structures, the new Cologne studio radiates an exclusive atmosphere and invites visitors to become inspired by modern design and technological trends for the kitchen. Here, kitchen furniture and room design concepts are presented in the three SieMatic style collections PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC, which represent the most thriving furnishing styles of our time, along with individual consulting services that provide support for complete interior design, light planning, delivery, and installation.

The full press release can be found in our download area.